" be broken enough to be changed, but strong enough to hold on "

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

My Christmas Prayer

It's that time of year again
Where beauty in snow therein lies,
When people are bustling around the malls,
Where chaos and panic surrounds them all.

Christmas dinners, turkeys and hams,
All lined up at the checkout for a holiday jam.
Baked pies, spiced cider and mushy yams,
Mashed potatoes and Christmas punch,
Let's have it all, this winter glam.

But somehow amidst this so-called peace and joy,
Betwixt the children and their toys.
There sits a lonely soul, forlorn
His life, into a million pieces has been torn

Shall we walk on by?
With lofty glances, held up high
"Peace to all me", the angels declared
What have we been doing for our share?

I give you now a choice,
'tis delivered with great poise
To take this fellow's hands,
And help him, help him to stand.

Or to continue on by,
Without so much as a glance
But remember it is written,
"If you've done such a deed to the least of these,
You've done unto me"

And if one, per say, inquires,
If I am one big liar,
I tell you now I state the truth
In saying you have to walk a mile in their shoes.

Don't let your common biases drive your decision
For sometimes, they make quite an incision.
However, let us remember those forlorn souls,
Who are all by themselves, forsaken and cold.

God don't let it end like this,
Let these people have their Christmases as well
Help us to do as You've said.

Let us be your instruments of peace,
Working until the last war has ceased,
Give us this real spirit of Christmas
And let it be one, that we always remember.

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