" be broken enough to be changed, but strong enough to hold on "

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Early morning ramblings, to Ally Friesen

Recurring nightmares of that day never cease to remind me.
What do I have my hope in?
who do I have my hope in?
These unfeeling walls do nothing to comfort me
Cold and calm.
Did your life flash before your eyes?
What did you think in that last second?
Nothing answers back as your body lay broken
Things are going black as your eyes start closing

I see you in the fields with your beautiful hair flowing
Singing to the One who took you home.
You’re free, free from all these burdens.
You can finally spread your wings and fly.
Green grass and trees surround you
Warm sunlight and a gentle summer breeze
Carefree and weightless you’re running,
Laughing and screaming, over flowing with joy.
You turn and look at me, telling me it’s ok
Staring into my soul as you say, “One day you’ll be home too…”

So I hold on to Jesus as the dream fades
I’ll never forget what happened that day.
Your whisper never leaves my soul.
The invisible Father, calling me home,
I can’t wait till the day that we once meet again.
Together with Jesus, at this marvellous feast.
You’ll probably be cooking, smiling as you do.
Until then, I will be remembering you,
Trusting in God that He has a plan,
And that he’s strong enough to do it.

Storm clouds rise and rainfall comes
Ocean waves come crashing down.
Bright calm days turn monstrous and unclear
Still God is there and carrying me through.
Still God is there and holding me up
Still God is there and giving me peace.
Still God is there.
Still, God is there.

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