" be broken enough to be changed, but strong enough to hold on "

Friday, March 26, 2010

Candlelight Ballad

Been tryin' so hard just to let it go
It's not that easy, if you had to know.
Tryin' to see my way through this storm,
I can't find a foothold, no solid ground.

I'm dying to see these burdens cut loose,
Fallin' away like the autumn leaves.
Rolling down the hill, it can't be stopped
Like a runaway train...
Is there a hope?

My wounds have been left open,
Bleeding like the ink on this page.
Coverin' them up has become a habit
But this only works so long...

I'm losing this battle, when I'm fighting by myself
Slowly I'm fading, losing grip on all reality
Days become nights, and my once thought solace
Now eludes me.

Pain, like the ever blowing wind surrounds me,
Knocks me over, flat on my face.
I hear the thunder, roaring at me.
Black skies gather, masking the light.

Lightning flashing in the clouds, seem to mock me,
As I'm stumbling along this road, tripping on every step.
My life as an ever-flickering candle,
Seems almost blown out with every gust of wind.
These demons lay in waiting,
For a chance at my neck.

I see a light far off,
Dimly flickering like a dying candle.
The light slowly gets brighter,
Though still far away.

I keep stumbling and falling,
Yet I know each step takes me closer
Will you pick me up every time I fall?
Will you stay with me now, hearin' my every call?

I'll turn to you, my rock and my refuge.
I will run to you, oh giver of life.
Take these pains and burdens,
I can fight no more.

Surround me with your arms.
Hide me with your love
Carry me through this bleak and bleeding wasteland
Take me away tonight.
Take me away tonight.

1 comment:

  1. oh, mo.
    i've felt this too.
    this is incredible. it's so honest and painful and true.
    clinging to him is the only thing real.