" be broken enough to be changed, but strong enough to hold on "

Thursday, January 28, 2010


Time slows down as you walk on by,
I close my eyes
All I see is you and I
Every time your eyes meet mine,
My heart can't help but skip.
I know you can't see it,
But you've got me fallin' for you,
Like a sinkin' ship.

And I'm loosing all my footholds,
Falling through the sky.
Loosing all control now,
Baby can't you see?
It's not that I am trying,
To fall in love with you,
But your gravity has got me,
There ain't no stopping now.

I've sang my songs,
I've said my words,
I've tried so hard to make you see
I'm dying just to hold you,
Dying just to save you.
But all I can is try.
My heart is racing like a wild horse running,
When you are here with me.
I see nobody else dear,
It's only you and me.
It's only you and me.

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